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RedKite is a specialist provider of business coaching. We are committed to providing practical cost-effective solutions to help you improve your performance. We keep it simple, real and fun. If we don't believe we can help, we won't waste your time. The only thing we do insist on is hard measures so we all know how we are doing.

Coaching is all about releasing the full potential of individuals. How many of us feel we are achieving everything we could?laborum.

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Our Services

Our aim is to create a coaching culture. We've developed a process that can embed the principles of coaching.

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Coaching Methods

Coaching is about releasing the full potential of individuals. All stages are supported by feedback and measures.

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360 Profiling

Profiling plays a significant role in coaching. Redkite has developed a flexible range of 360 tools tailored to suit the client.

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Our Clients

One-to-one coaching is a proven and practical approach to supporting individual development. It allows people to develop their leadership skills in a very practical way because it is “on the job”, focused on the particular issues of their current role and the challenges they face. While it is frequently used to fast track high achievers it is increasing being used at all levels within an organisations in a huge variety of situations.


Working In Partnership..

We want to engage with people who truly want to make a difference to their organisation and its performance. We care deeply about what we do and want to deliver results for you which is why we are challenging and insist on concrete measures of success. What sets us apart is the enthusiasm, energy and thought we put into ensuring that real change occurs and new behaviours become a habit delivering the results you seek. We want to help you achieve your goals and in doing so feel more effective and less stressed – to spend time working on important, stimulating and rewarding things rather than simply the most urgent problems.

For us working in partnership means;

  • Building relationships with clients based on honesty and integrity
  • Being appropriately challenging and open
  • Keeping things simple and enjoyable
  • Being held accountable
  • Building a long term future
  • Payment based on value

Companies We Work With..

Coaching is based on the universal principles that underpin performance so it can be applied to any industry or function both within the private and public sector. It is also equally relevant to small or very large organisations as it focuses on individual performance. But each organisation is unique which is why we take time to understand your business and your challenges. We recommend that you talk to our clients directly so you can form your own picture of what we do and whether we fit you or your organisation’s needs. Above all our approach is pragmatic and focused on delivering results.

What Our Clients Say About Us

When you get right down to it, success is all about value and trust.

Andy Rothwell - Smiths Aerospace

My coaching has resulted in much better self awareness and an increased capability to be able to move things positively forward. Jayne has been able to create an environment which has both challenged and enabled my ability to overcome internal and external roadblocks.

Sales Director - Financial Products

The experience redkite brought to the table was invaluable. They put their money where their mouth was by linking their fees to our results - and they helped achieve all targets set. The impact on every member of the sales team was significant.

Emma Roberts - HR Business Partner - VT Flagship

The process adopted by redkite has allowed us to measure progress at every step of the way. We have never been able to engage so many people – the ripple effect has been fantastic to watch as participants have applied the learning.

David Francis - Director of Operations - VT Flagship

Effective coaching is critical to business success. Working with my Senior Management Team, redkite proved their ability to impart the knowledge of coaching while making the subject relevant, accessible and fun.

Barbara Mann - Deputy Director Operations - HMS Raleigh

The whole process was challenging, we all had to think differently about ourselves, and work hard at embedding the learning after the workshop. The result is that we are truly embracing coaching as a culture within the organisation – you can see the results!!.

Sharon Payne - HR Manager - Goodrich

redkite 360 profiles have become a major pillar of our management development programme. The feedback was very powerful in helping individuals to build self-awareness and identify their development needs. redKite listened to our needs and turned the whole thing around to very tight deadlines.

Martyn Perks - Westland Helicopters

I feel different and less pressurised, have modified my behaviour, think, plan and prepare more, and have achieved great results from a change in leadership style. A great benefit.

Ron Sams - Managing Director - VT Flagship

I have used redkite in a number of businesses to great effect. In creating positive change in key business leaders, significant business improvement have been achieved leading to a real competitive edge.

Meet The Team

When you get right down to it, success is all about value and trust.

Jayne Stoddart

Jayne Stoddart

Jayne founded redkite performance coaching in 2003.

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Anita Brock

Anita Brock

A culture of coaching, communication and engagement.

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Sara Penter

Sara Penter

Sara has spent 23 years in the field of Human Resources.

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